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• School/ College Students

• Working Executives

• Senior Citizens

• Buisinessmen/ Entrepreneur

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Welcome To Planet Dewsoft


Registered with Registrar of Companies,

New Delhi, India          December 2000

Dewsoft is a young , dynamic, technology driven organization working in a healthy and competitive working in a healthy and competitive environment to contribute to the very existence of the society. …the society which instills desire to continually innovative, improvise, succeed, flourish, and enjoy the very existence of mankind.

Domain Of Operations

• Software Design and Development

• Website Design, Development and Hosting

• Real Time Education Academy

• Dewsoft Virtual Campus

• Computer Based Trainings

• Self Study Books & CD’s


• To understand the environmental changes in the learning and teaching content and technology and address the challenges posted by them.

• To understand and address the requirements of our existing and potential clients to enable them to enhance their skills as per the industry standard and requirements.

• To be the most profitable, respected, morally and ethically correct institution with a growth rate of 100% year after year.


Content Development : Research of content, analysis and design under experts guidance, and development incorporating most relevant subject matter to provide a complete experience.

Learning and Teaching Aids : Understanding knowledge absorption and enhancement process in different age groups and designing lesson plans & exersices accordingly.

Technology : Incorporating latest technology, animations, multimedia, to make learning and teaching lively, interactive, entertaining, engaging & effective.

“We empower people, nurture their in-built talent, enhance their knowledge and skills. We make managers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and computer literate work force, people who can contribute to the economies of the future..”
                                  Rishi Sehdev(chairman & managing Director)


• To establish itself as a global pioneer in the education industry, in research, development and training with a global market share of atleast 4% by the end of 2010.

• To attain and achieve a 100% growth level, year after year, buisiness and sales volume.

• To redefine and raise the standards of products, services, personal morals, etiquettes, business environment and ethics.

This publication introduces the flagship product of Dewsoft, the “The Earn While You Learn” or “Each One Teach Two” program.

This program has generated the most powerful selfliteracy drive in the history of the country educating more than 6,50,000 users worldwide in a span of around 06 years of operations, giving them tools, and training to acquire and enhance the skill set they need to flourish and succeed in life.


• To research, analyze, incorporate, and offer, the most effective technology in learning and teaching aids.

• To research, analyze, design and offer the atleast and most viable content, enabling enhanced, relevant and effective learning.

• To make each contact with Dewsoft, pleasurable and to make each customer a repeat customer.


Dewsoft and Its Promoters are currently affiliated to the following Internationally Professional bodies.

• Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, INDIA

• Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, USA

• Association for Computing Machinery, USA

• International Society for Distance Learning, USA

• American Institute of Architects, USA

• Council of Architecture, INDIA

The Idea

An Ancient and Medieval Times, Education was imparted in The gurukul under the sacred banyan trees. For Centuries, from Kings to the Common man went To the renowned gurus, keeping the tradition of superfine Education, Quality, and Standards.

In the Modern Times of yester years, the Conventional system of Education in Schools and colleges came up, which could not cope up with the growth of the population. This resulted in deterioration of the Quality and Standards. Quality Education either became the privilege of the High society or for the very fortunate.

Realizing the Need for World Class Quality Standardized, Affordable and Accessible to All education, Dewsoft launched The Online Virtual Campus, which enables a user to log on to the Education portal, and pursue the subject of his choice at his own time and convenience, from anywhere in the world.

Lessons are designed and delivered in Interactive Manner, to provide Ease of Learning and Understanding. Interactive Support is provided through Discussion forum, Emails, and Chat session by recognized experts in the Industry.

Enjoy the Convenience & Advantage of the World Wide Web using the Company’s flagship Incremental Technology”

Learning and addressing the requirements of our clients, today we bundle the program with

Access to

• Dewsoft Virtual Campus

• Entrance Exam Preparation

• 35 Mb Web Space

• Customized Software

• Technical Support

• Resource Center

• Dewsoft School

• Recognition and Rewards

• Dewsoft Education Academy

• Self Study Books and Cds

• Career Club

• 3rd Party Certification

• Smart office Professional Plus Course

• Offshore Education

• Buisiness Opportunity

The access to the program is available 24 x 7 days, 365 days a year offering our Products and services to an audience of 12 yrs and above, making it useful for more than 80% of the world population.

Dewsoft Virtual Campus has redefined the Education Industry, and is being accepted rapidly by more users worldwide offering more than 200 courses under different subjects, using state of the art Interactive Tutorials, Lesson Plans, using Audio Visual Aids, and the company flagship “Incremental Learning” Technology.

Technology and Standards

Each of the course tutorials is designed in accordance with the internationally recognized SCORM standards, and before the beginning of any topic, a practice objective type questionnaire judges your understanding of the concerned subject, and automatically chooses the best level of learning for you to begin with. All tutorials are designed on three levels

• The Beginner

• Intermediate

• Expert

The lessons contain, quiz type, objective type, and multiple-choice questions and exercises to keep the interaction, attention, Involvement of the user high. In the background the system keeps check for the user’s understanding of the subject, and accordingly aligns the difficulty level. As the understanding of a subject improves, the level automatically upgrades to enhance your skill set.

At the end of each exercise is a formal test whose results are stored in an online database and updated each time you give the relative test. One can print certificate online, or provide the certificate number to his prospective employer, who can verify the same from the site. Reports can be generated to reveal progress, performance and course undertaken and their status.
What Stand us Apart?

Incremental Learning Technology is the unique flagship of Dewsoft Designed and Developed by Dewsoft, it features
Online Tracking : The Software keeps a track of your access to the site and remember the pages you have studied and where you left them. It automatically leads you to the these bookmarks, so you do not waste time wondering how much course is complete

Performance Analysis : The Software stores your online test marks, grades, and generates reports which can be retrieved at a later time for you to improve upon your weaknesses. These can also be used by the prospective Employer or guardian.

Education is a never ending process in our lives. One needs to update his skills and knowledge as per the changing environment to keep pace with life.

Virtual Campus Education is the only medium which has crossed the hurdle of physical geographical boundaries, socio-economical barriers, and differences out of culture, caste color or creed.

Dewsoft Virtual Campus offers us features to enable swift enhancement of skills such as

• Anytime Anywhere Accessibility

• Own Pace of Study

• No Fear or Anxiety of a Class Room

• No fear of Peer Comparison

• Freesdom to Study What you Like, when you like

• Self Study enhances people’s decision making capability, improves concentration and develops exploring habits.

• Self Analysis and Improvement Suggestions

It is right to say that Dewsoft Virtual Campus is the only unbiased, standardized, 24/7, progressive medium of education, which provides billions of people living in the 3rd world, the hope to learn, educate, self sustain, progress and shine. It also provides the developing and developed countries, the fule to satisfy the quest for their knowledge in the easiest of ways.

Inspiration, Mission, Belief, Focus

Dewsoft offers its world class service ot more than 6,50,000 users worldwide in its 06 years of operations, including US, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia. Our nubers speak for our quality. We promise to keep delivering the world’s best on your desktops for all times to come. We are working towards becoming the no.1 company. We are here to redefine the rules in education industry, with a determination to capture at least 10% of Global market share of Distance Learning by 2010.
                                                            Chairman & Managing Director

At Dewsoft, we understand the need of our clients. Being a patient listener and catering to customer need has worked more for us unlike others who spend more time on preparing and working out marketing campaigns of self praises and leading people to obsolete and junk technologies. Our constant endeavor is to add value services and update content to provide the best to our clients.
                                                             President- Academy Operations

Dewsoft is a family with strong values for commitment and delivery. We are one of the few organization who “ walk the talk”. With a clear mission and objective, each one of us works towards achieving our targets. Transparency, Regular Discussions,and Meetings enable us to perform as a team. We are on our way to create a billion dollar company.
                                                               Operations Team

It feels great to work for Dewsoft, we research what is new in the world, analyze, if it can provide a better experience for our users, and if it does, Implement it. It is nice to keep pace with the technology. Other Organization only talk of it, we work upon it.
                                                                 Development Team

At Dewsoft, we take pride in associating ourselves with high customer satisfaction level.We take requests through website, email, telephone, and in person. Requests are processed on First Come First Serve basis. At Dewsoft, we value your relationship.
                                                                  Relationship Managers

It is a challenging life at Dewsoft, with high Customer and Management Expectation, we provide flawless services 24 x 7, 365 days a week, to ensure you don’t miss on anything important. And simultaneously we upgrade our skill to deliver what is expected. One year at Dewsoft is spending like a 05 years in other organization. It is an amazing experience.
                                                                    Technical Team

The Course Content is inspiring. It provides all the details required to acquire the desired skill set. Initially we never thought It would work for us, But it does, and strangely so better than the conventional system of bricks and mortar. Its like a sea of knowledge for price of a rain drop. Truly Amazing and Unbelievable.
                                                                     Subscribers and channel partners

The Concept
Based on this, the Dewsoft Virtual Campus Education program offers its subscribers/users a unique and OPTIONAL referral program. The Onus is on each individual whether or not he/she wishes to avail the same. One is not under any obligation/binding to avail the buisiness Opportunity.
• Dewsoft caters to more than 1,000,000 subscribers around the world. These numbers speak of high standards and quality and acceptance of the product.

• Dewsoft has more than 150 copyrights courses and publications to its fame.

• Dewsoft is the only Institution to offer the widest bouquet of course including, languages, aviation, management, personality development, soft skills training, all under one roof.

• Dewsoft offers more than 200 Training and programs on supplementary skills making it the largest vocational training provider.

• Dewsoft is the only Institution to offer all mediums of education and training successfully.

• Dewsoft is the only Institution who has planned for its own university campus, offering industry recognized degrees and diplomas like BCA, MCA, MBA, Engg. Etc.

• Dewsoft Virtual Campus was the first to offer Interactive and Animated Tutorials in the region enhancing the effectiveness in learning and teaching aids.

• Dewsoft is the first Institution in its category to have been honored with the ISO 9001:2000 certification for Education and Training for E – Learning and Real Time Environments.

For Thinking, Innovating, Believing, Delivering, Inspiring, Achieving.. The Time line states Significant events Achievements, In our Operations.

• Established as one of the pioneers in IT Education; a BIG name in IT Education

• Promotion of Education in Rural Areas through Events and Camps.

• Online Placement Assistance for Aspiring Candidates.

• One Fresh Sale Every 4 Minutes.

• Upcoming/Running Real Time Education Institutes in all parts of India.

• Introduction of Strategic Management Course for Working Executives/Management

• Regular and constant updation of courses.

• We now offer the maximum value for your Online Package.

• Customer Care centers open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day to provide you unparallel services and support.

• Promotional Material, such as Business Cards, T-shirts, Caps, Posters, Banners, Presentations, Books and CDs to enhance your Business and make you proud part of the family world wide.

In this highly competitive world of IT Education, where the growth of IT centers have almost mushroomed in any city, Education has now become a business with stress on commercialization rather than the standard of what is being taught. In order to gain the market, Companies lure students by offering them cheap course, in the name of volume or corporate or special promotional discounts. What they do not tell is that the lesser price they pay invariably leads to, lesser of the subject taught to them.

Flaunted by catchy advertising they often misguide the student who, unaware of the subject often falls prey to the best presenter. All those who cannot afford the expensive brands are inadvertently pushed into joining a local institute, who most of the times do not have enough measures, technical skills, or other mandatory features to grant such an education.

In such a situation, where the cost denominates the Quality, One can imagine how difficult it is to stand by ethics and promote standards of education. DewSoft came out with an interesting marketing plan bottom line of which was reverse engineering of the student Institute relationship. The aim was to promote Quality Education, maintain our high standards and not get into this fake price war. Give the student what he truly deserves, after all Education is what we are left with, when all is gone.

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