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The VAST Vision of Education Minister Dr.Narendra Prasad & Dewsoft Overseas Launch the Program “EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” on 24th OCT 2000 in New Delhi.

On line computer education from Beginner to Master level & from Master level to Professional level along with tons of education package and get opportunity for earning.

This opportunity is worldwide.

After registration you will receive computer education & other package of worth $ 10,000 in just 175 $

i.e. 6 to 8 lakhs Rs. ( INR) education package in just 7000 Rs. (INR)}


Established in 1991, 80% of Education software been exported to the Western countries.

Dewsoft is one of the highest tax payer company in Segment of Education Software.

Registered in FICCI.

On 24th October 2000. “Earn While You Learn” program was launched by Mr.Rishi Shedev, M.D. of Dewsoft Overseas, Inaugurated by Education Minister Dr.Narendra Nath in New Delhi Ph.D. House.

5000+ students / associates were joined in first 50 days…this is a record.

Following are the reasons for launching the Program “Earn While You Learn”

Globally 90 % population is Computer illiterate or having a basic knowledge only & 10% is having deep knowledge of Computer.

Survey was done for Illiteracy in Computer and following are the reasons come out from the survey.Click here for Registration

Age: - People having age forty plus are feeling shameful for attending the computer course in institute along with the young generation.

Time: -Most of the people know the importance of the Computer but they are not able to take out time from their daily routine, jobs or business.

Money:-In INDIA 80% population belongs to the Middle OR Lower middle class; they don’t afford the expensive computer courses.

OVER & ABOVE: - The major factor is “UNEMPLOYMENT”.

So to over come from the above mention factor & Unemployment

“Earn While You Learn” program launch.

Features of powerful program named “Earn While You Learn” could be seen below.

There are two parts in this program.

1st is Learning & 2nd is Earning.

Both parts are optional in this program means, if you wants to do learning only you can do learning, if you want to do earning only you can do earning & if you want to do both the things you can do both. Click here for registeration

First we will see learning part. In Learning the company DEWSOFT provides education by two ways.

Online, means through internet, company will provide you a USERNAME, PASSWORD, and CATEGORY by which you can access online education and lot more things from company’s website i.e. www.dewsoftoverseas.com

Offline (In India only) means, computer institute, DEWSOFT is having more than 200 offline computer institutes all over the India. A person who does not have basic knowledge of computer can go to offline computer institute and learn.


For Most of Us, It is An Opportunity to "Change the Way We Live, the Way We Had Always Wished.Click here for Registration

Rishi Sehdev

Director, Dewsoft Overseas

Over 90% of people in this world do not know how to truly use computers.

Over 95% of people in this World having a computer do not know how to build web sites.

Over 97% Computer users in the World do not know troubleshooting Computers.
Ajim Premji, Chairman of Indian IT Company, Wipro, is the richest person in India.

"There are many people in this world, who are going to make more money than I have, through the advent of Internet."

Bill Gates

"Over 90% of People in this world do not know how to use computers, of which approximately almost 8% want to know how to use them. This is staggering 35 Million People."
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