These days you find computers everywhere, at homes, offices, banks, fast food joints, cinema halls, schools, libraries, ATMs, supermarkets, reservation counters of railways and airlines, and where not??

Computers have become a part and parcel of the way we live.
Computers have become as essential as food, shelter, clothing, and oxygen for our survival in this technology savvy times.

People are afraid to learn computers fearing the difficulty of the subject.
People fear that computer courses are exorbitantly priced.
People think that one must be extremely gifted, talented and intelligent to learn Computers.


Dewsoft provides solution to aforesaid problem, expanding new horizons for the common man, to prepare him best for future through its economically priced, world class courses with twin benefit of both online and offline education.

Through its portal, Dewsoft provides you all that you need to know to be computer savvy and implement them in your lives to get maximum benefits.

At, we provide courses for everyone - There are courses for beginners and professionals in IT fields, for housewives, for senior citizens, for people who want to enhance their personality, for those who want to improve their written and spoken English, and lots more… 

Education for ALL

Education is the springboard to take off into the world of money.

Though Dewsoft's unique "Earn While You Learn"program, you get an Optional Business Opportunity. Through this program, along with your studies you can earn as much as Rs. 1.5 lac per week.

Education Package Fee

Education Packages sales price are Rs.9500, Rs.9900, Rs.12500 (inclusive of all) effective from 1st Jan 2013.

Net Facts
India's Internet subscribers 
0.7 million
13.5 Million
 Estimated Users by 2004-2005
30 Million
 Estimated Annual sales on the Internet by 2004
 The Internet holds significant potential for the development of the Indian economy especially in the areas of tele-medicine and distance education.
 Internet is making people rich. The 40 richest people in America are under 40. They're young, smart and on the 'net! The Internet is responsible for more rags-to-riches billionaires than any other industry.
Fortune Magazine

World Facts

 For Most of Us, It is An Oppurtunity to "Change the Way We Live, the Way We Had Always Wished.
Rishi Sehdev
Director, Dewsoft Overseas
 Over 90% of people in this world do not know how to truly use computers.
 Over 95% of people in this World having a computer do not know how to build web sites. 
 Over 97% Computer users in the World do not know troubleshooting Computers.
 Ajim Premji, Chairman of Indian IT Company, Wipro, is the richest person in India. 
"There are many people in this world, who are going to make more money than I have, through the advent of Internet." 
Bill Gates
"Over 90% of People in this world do not know how to use computers, of which approximately almost 8% want to know how to use them. This is staggering 35 Million People."

"Computers have become as essential as Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Oxygen for Our Survival in this technology savvy times."

"A computer savvy person is seen as an asset to the organization."

"Despite the recession in IT, the IT giant Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation is still the world richest person for the 8th consecutive year."

"E-learning is likely to grow at 90% annually worldwide."
The WORLD around
By Experience
Forbes magazine IBM survey

"Software and IT services industry will create over 2 million jobs by 2008."
Mc Kinsey Report
"Forecast market for distance learning (Online Education and training) by 2003 is US $ 11.5 billion."
W.R. Hambrecht & Co
"…despite a sagging global economy, best employers in the U.S. and abroad haven't reduced their commitments to their IT workers."
Computerworld's special report

The India Scenario

 IT Enabled Services 
Year 2000 
US$ 13.5 billion 
Year 2008 (estimated)
US $ 142 billion 
 Growth of around 1000%
 Revenues from hardware, peripherals and networking 
Rs. 14,500 crore (Approx.) 
 The Indian IT industry 
Rs. 64,200 crore (US$13.5 billion)
Rs. 5,450 crore (US$1.73 billion) 
 Around 1000% Growth
 IT share in GDP
0.59 percent
2.87 percent 
 Around 400% Growth
 Shortfall of 5 lakh IT professionals in India by 2006.
Dataquest survey prediction

 India has the BEST GROWTH potential for IT     
Abundant skilled manpower
Higher productivity levels
English speaking manpower
Special Incentives given to IT by government of India

Rates high in areas such as qualifications, capabilities, quality of work and work ethics

Working of System

This revolutionary pay plan is a 2x Unlimited Depth Matrix. Under this plan, you simply have a left side ("left leg") and a right side ("right leg") where all sales will accumulate.
In order to qualify to earn commissions, all one needs to do is simply join as a Independent Channel Partner and retail two Education Package Sale (at least one in your left leg and one in your right leg by your own reference number), and become an Associate.
After your first two sales, every additional person you enroll with your Ref. Id. will AUTOMATICALLY BE PLACED underneath your First two enrollments on either the right or the left side. As the sponsor, you can direct the new enrollments to join your left or right side, depending on where you need them.
Commissions are paid weekly, based on the total number of group Education Package Sale (Not only personal Education Package Sale ) that have accumulated beneath you.
In other words, if you had only 2 personal Education Package Sale  but a Total of 200 group Education Package Sale  made by others in your downline, You get paid on all 200 Education Package Sales!
Please note: 

To receive commissions on new Education Package Sales, it is required that at least 1/3 of the Education Package Sales be placed in the "weaker" leg.

The Education Package Sales made by you are never "Flushed"! You simply wait until additional Education Package Sales are made to complete the required 1/3 and 2/3 balance.
 Unlike typical uni-level pay plans that stop paying Commissions at a certain level, Compensation Plan Pays down through Un1ed Depths! This means that whenever a Education Package Sale occurs, made by anybody in your downline, at any level (yes, even on your 1,000th level), anywhere in the world, you get Credit for that sale and get paid for it.
As Money Is Important, Let's Try This Again 
You only have to make 2 Education Package Sale…
                        …and you qualify for Commissions for Life! 
You are paid for Team's Education Package Sale.

Team Education Package Sales are:
The Education Package Sales made by any of the person who -
i) You introduced to the Business Plan or the Education Package
ii) Your downline have brought on board
When you have a total of 9 Team Education Package Sales, The company sends you a cheque for Rs.7,000.00
After the next 9 Team's Education Package Sales, you earn another cheque. You are paid at 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 and 50Education Package Sale.
We call 50 Sales an "Cycle".
On achieving an Cycle, you have been paid a total of approximately Rs.21,000 for the 50 Team Education Package Sale.
There are NO Limits to how many times you can make a Cycle. You can Cycle Weekly, Daily, or even Hourly!! 
Through it, you can make up to Rs.1,50,000 per week.
It's up to you and how much effort YOU are willing to put into it.
The best part about all this is that you may be relaxing at the comforts of your home, but your Team Independent Channel Partners would be building Education Package Sales for you.